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The Caring Cradle® "Mini"


A more suitable cradle for grieving parents of early-term stillbirth

The Caring Cradle® "Mini" gives mothers more time with even the tiniest of lives lost. Our new, smaller cradle is more appropriately sized for infants under 4 pounds.

Delicate, simple, beneficial

More delicate in presentation while providing all the benefits of the original Caring Cradle®, including ease of use, free of wires and hoses, with no need for monitoring or supervision by medical staff or family. The Caring Cradle® “Mini” provides the extra time that mothers need.


The time and memories this cradle provides are so important for grieving families. The Caring Cradle® allows families who thought they would spend a lifetime with their loved baby, time to say goodbye and create memories in a respectable way. It truly is an immeasurable gift.

Brittany & Joshua Martin, Jaxon's parents


What is a Caring Cradle®?


The unit arrives complete, assembled, and ready to assist staff and families. The bassinet and cart’s simple, modern design includes four easy glide, locking wheels that allow for quiet, secure set up and removal. The cooling mechanisms are stored securely in the hex locked section of the cabinet and are never visible to families.

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Setup for use is simple and requires no staff monitoring or management. We recommend the unit be plugged in for approx. 30 minutes before anticipated use. This allows the entire bassinet to reach the desired temperature. Once set up and plugged in the unit can operate for three days or longer depending on the families needs.

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Our cradles are designed with all non-pourous materials making them easy to sanitize between uses. The cart design features a powder coated metal finish and the bassinets is made of durable recycled vinyl with a plastic fill that allows the use of any commercial grade or bleach based cleaner.

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The original Caring Cradle® and the new Caring Cradle® "Mini" will provide countless mothers a more dignified, comfortable way to spend time with their baby immediately following infant loss. The new Caring Cradle® “Mini” provides all the same, well-loved features while making space more comfortable and suitable for losses under four pounds.

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An essential tool for nurses

The Caring Cradle® is self-contained. There are never any fluids to be replaced, wasted, or disposed of. There are no parts to replace. There are not any additional costs to the hospital to keep the unit running as intended. Nurses have nothing to track or reorder. Other than wiping the unit down following each use, with a hospital-approved cleaner made for similar materials, the unit requires no further attention.

A gift of time for mothers & family members

Mothers report that having this extra time is a treasured resource to draw on for the years to follow: helping them grieve, finding their way to celebrate, and most importantly, remembering their child.

The most dignified, comfortable means to spend time with a baby following infant loss

The Caring Cradle® is designed to assist the nurse, requiring no supervision, monitoring, or maintenance. It does not have any tubes, wires, or fluids to monitor or replace. It does not require replacement parts.

Once the unit is plugged in, it may be left to run continuously, for days, with no intervention. The Caring Cradle® frees nurses from remaining bedside with a distraught mother because now the mother has what she wants at that moment, more private, uninterrupted time with her baby.


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